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21-Aug-2020 12:41

Background count makes Assensing, Astral Perception, and Astral Combat more difficult to do.Impose a negative dice pool penalty for tests associated with these skills.A foci cannot activate while under the influence of the background count.

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Again the exception of a domain can apply to specific types of creatures or spirit types.Preparations triggered while within a background count have their potency immediately reduced by the background count.Adepts may use a Simple Action to turn on or off a passive power in cases where penalties from background counts might exceed bonuses from their powers.So, there must be some technique that Lung is able to do to survive this and that he is able to provide to his spirits, awakened servitors, and others unless he exists utterly alone in his home except for mundanes!

“It can take weeks or months of exposure to become acclimated to the background count before his skills aren’t affected by it.

Regardless if it’s a positive or negative number, we use the absolute value in determining how it affects the Awakened’s use of magic.” So what this means is that any BC that isn’t 0 that hasn’t been acclimated will impact either in a positive or negative fashion an awakened entity or astral denizens magical abilities.

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